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Kapalabhati is an element of the yogic body cleansing system that is known as shatkarma or shatkriya. This Sanskrit word is derived from the root words kapal, meaning “skull," and bhati, which is best translated as “illuminating” or “shining.” In Kapalabhati the brain and all parts of the skull are cleansed through short but strong exhalations of air.

There are three different types of kapalabhati. In the case of vatakrama kapalabhati, exhalation is forced while inhalation is natural and passive. Vyutkrama kapalabhati sees water sniffed in through the nose and then spat out through the mouth. Finally, sheetkrama kapalbhati is when water is taken in the mouth and then forced out through the nose. This practice is carried out in order to cleanse the nasal passages and respiratory system, which prepares the practitioner for kapalabhati pranayama (skull shining breath) or any other of the various yogic breathing techniques.


-Sit in Padmasana or Siddhasana with your spine/back and head erect

-Take 2-3 deep breaths with inhalation and exhalation through the nose as a prerequisite -Start with exhalation and then breath in to allow the air to fill in the belly to expand totally -Now do a forceful exhalation a little deeper than the ordinary breathing. At the same time contract the front abdominal muscles suddenly and with a little force. You are really pushing out the air here -Then inhale by simply relaxing the abdominal muscles In this procedure do not do any retention of the breath -The beginner should start with eleven expulsions in each round. You can do this for 10-15 mins daily with a break once in every five minutes -Dont strain or struggle. Just relax for a while if you feel tired or stressed Benefits of Kapalabhati : -Kapalabhati in general helps the whole body -Each exhalation stimulates the center of abdomen and activates the prana. It clears harmful toxins from the body - It is useful to improve the bowel movements - Deep inhalation takes good amount of oxygen to the lungs and helps to purify the blood - Stimulates all the organs of the abdomen -It clears all the drainage from sinuses -Cleanses the central nervous system -Kapalabhati improves digestion -It decrease the vitiated vata dosha

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