Sound and Clarity Breath Workshop with Julie King

Sunday, January 12, 1:30 -3:30 pm
Join Julie King in a 2 hour Sound and Claritybreath workshop event. You will be guided into a ceremonial meditation for manifestation of your new ideas, new relationships, new business opportunities and experience deeper dive into self-love and healing through breath work.
On January 12, 2020 as the Saturn and Pluto begin a new cycle, in a tight conjunction with the Sun, Mercury and Ceres in Capricorn, a new gate opens for new possibilities in bettering communication, productivity and manifestation. As we open our hearts and mind to new possibilities, you will experience a 4 Light Body guided meditation, re connecting with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual light bodies. You will immerse into soothing crystal bowl sound bath and gentile mantra singing. In the second half of the workshop we will move forward to a breath work event. Clarity Breathwork is a gentle circular breathing method. It is one of the most effective, non cathartic healing modalities that open consciousness, allows to release emotional baggage and helps shift patterns.