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Natalie Backman

A 500-hour Experienced Registered yoga teacher and YACEP, I remain a lifelong student.  My teachers are Tracee Stanley, YogaRupa Rod Stryker, and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, the spiritual head of the Himalayan Institute.  We are of the Himalayan Tradition, as shared with the west by Swami Rama, a Master Yogi steeped in the teachings of the Himalayan Masters. 

I share a modern approach to Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, interweaving Vinyasa Krama, Yoga Nidra, Mantra Japa and Meditation.  Devotional Practices and embodiment work with Divine Feminine and the Mahavidyas is becoming increasingly significant in my personal practice as well as in how I teach.  I teach only what I have embodied through practice, as I gain the power of transmission.  I guide with the intention to help you not only strengthen and purify your body, calm and stabilize your mind, release self-limiting behaviors and beliefs, and manage your vital energy, but most importantly, to facilitate the sweet remembrance of your sacred Self.​


Founder of Imagine Fest, Co-Founder of Sakti Rising, Co-Host of the sun, the moon & the truth podcast.  Learn more at

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